Surprisingly Effective Learning Strategies

for Unblocking Brilliance

Are you a parent of a child struggling with learning strategies for reading, writing, math, test taking – or school in general?

Natalie Hill tutors her first dyslexic student

Mark, the student in this picture, has an IQ in the gifted range. When I started working with him, he was twelve years old and could not read at all, in spite of years of special education in school.

For me, working with dyslexic students is a blessing, a huge challenge and a tremendous opportunity to open doors in another's life.

Or are you looking for methods to help yourself in some area of learning?

What You'll Find Here:

  • Quick and effective methods to calm down, reduce anxiety and ease frustration
  • How to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to quickly transform negative states into confidence and joy
  • Simple methods to get the brain and body ready to learn
  • Strategies students take home to become responsible for their own learning
  • Success stories of using EFT with students
  • Reviews of programs to teach skills that have been hard to learn: reading, writing, math, keyboarding, etc.
  • In-person individual instruction in Tucson, Arizona
  • Phone or email support in the US and around the globe
  • Teacher training and school consultation

The Missing Elements of Effective Teaching –

Emotions, Beliefs and the Body

Your beliefs and feelings about your ability to learn are more important than IQ!

I've been an educator for three decades, with a masters in special education. In the past three years I have been using methods that quickly cut through fear and enable even the most challenged learner to succeed.

My results, using these learning strategies are so phenomenal, I have to share them. That's why this website was born.

May your brilliance be allowed to shine!

Natalie Hill, M.Ed.

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Natalie Hill Offers Integrated Teaching in Tucson, Arizona and Worldwide
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There are dyslexia symptoms that are common among dyslexic children and adults, even though there is great individual variation and the signs of dyslexia change over time.
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Dyslexia statistics tell us that dyslexia affects up to 20% of the population. Dyslexia is a neurobiological condition, meaning it is caused by differences in brain structure and function.
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A reading tutor in Tucson uses Brain Gym exercises to help students with dyslexia. During a game of Go Fish, Brain Gym movements help Liz regain her reading confidence.
Emotional Freedom Coach and Reading Tutor in Tucson, Arizona
Emotional Freedom Coach in Tucson. Natalie Hill combines academic programs with EFT and energy movement for rapidly clearing any restrictions to living an abundant, joyful, successful life.
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